Joining Stock Photography Agencies – A Helpful Guide

It’s Time To Join An Agency

Joining stock photography agencies, at first, is just like joining any other website or social media site. Sometimes the hardest part of any venture is just starting. Straight up, if you’re a photographer, it’s time!

Choose an agency, and sign up by picking a username and password.


Joining an agency grants you permission to enter the site and peek around a little.

Let’s look at what you can learn after you sign up.

Photography Agencies Have Help Page

After you join, dive into the agency help center and frequently asked questions section of the site. New photographers can find answers to most questions there.

Learn everything that you can about their commission rates, their subscriptions, pricing and clients. Who visits the site for images? What are they looking for?

Joining stock photography agencies is only your first step. Be sure to seek help when you need it.

Recognize The Stock Photography Agency Culture

Every agency is going to be a little different. Each agency develops it’s own photography culture and market. After joining, scroll through photos and figure this out. The more you know about an agency the better.

It’s possible that an agency doesn’t have a marker for your style of images. That agency may not be a good fit for you. No worries! It’s good to figure this out sooner rather than later. There are many agencies looking for your style of photos.

Dive Into Stock Agency Help Forums

Forums are topic threads and q&a pages created by the users of a site. It’s important to realize that all the comments and answers there are from other photographers that have joined the agency. Just like you!

You may come across a nugget of information there that will save you time and make you money! For example, new and important photography trends.

Keep in mind, that forums can be a place for people to vent and complain. Be careful there! Don’t take advice from someone who is failing. Find photographers and mentors there that will push you to be great. Your time is valuable.

Your First Batch Of Images

In order to add images and start earning income, the agency will ask you to submit samples.

After joining the agency, it’s important to put together a powerful batch of photos and submit them.

Be sure to follow the five steps in the blueprint before you press submit!

If you follow the steps, you’ll be up and running in no time!

After Joining Stock Photography Agencies, Fill Out Their Forms

Your agency will ask you to fill out some tax forms. In addition they will probably look for a bank or PayPal account to deposit your earnings into.

This is just like any job you accept. Expect ten minutes of paperwork! Have a coffee and get this done.

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