Stock Photography – What You Need To Start

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Stock photography starting gear is a question for anyone starting a new business.

“What exactly do I need to start out as a stock photographer?”

If you are a photographer with a camera and some images, all the answers are going to be good news!

You Need To Love Photography

First of all, if you’re a creative person who loves photography, you will succeed. No mater what photography gear you start with.

Before you decide to start, you absolutely need to ask yourself if you love photography. Professional stock photographers shoot, edit and submit a ton of images!

If the answer is yes, you love photography, than I have good news for you! You’ve already gone through the process of LEARNING photography. Learning the skill-set. You’ve probably watched your fair share of how-to videos, put in countless hours of real-world practice, and researched the best photo techniques.

Basically, at this point, the gear you use to take stock photography should be an afterthought. Because you already have it!

Begin With The Camera On Your Shelf

The camera that you own is going to be just fine. You can take images (specifically for stock photography) using the gear you already bought.

Maybe down the line you can improve your workflow with a new camera or a new lens. But chances are good that you can get going right away. Later on, you can make improvements to your gear. When you know for sure that it adds to your business.

Stock photography starting gear is the camera that’s sitting on your shelf. DSLR, mirrorless and smartphone cameras meet the requirements to get started right away.

Start With Images You Already Have

Most stock photographers start by submitting images they’ve already taken.

I’m assuming that if you’re looking to run a photo business, you’re probably a pretty good photographer. You probably have a whole bunch of images already.

You’ll be able to sort through your hard drive, and find ten or twenty of them to start with. Maybe more!

This will give you a chance to learn about the process right away.

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