What Is Stock Photography & How It Works

Stock photography

What is stock photography?

Simply put, the stock photography is an image licensing business. There are three groups of people that need and depend on each other!

Content Creators

Basically, the world is full young, smart, internet savvy brands and entrepreneurs. All of them are creating content for social media.

Now more than ever, there is a growing market for your quality images.

They’re publishing videos, feeding us news, designing websites, podcasting and much more.

Someone out there (right now) is creating content and they NEED professional images! Remember, they are not photographers, but they need professional images.

Stock Photo Agencies

A photo agency is a site that makes a collection of images available to content creators for a fee.

Stock photo agencies generally offer large searchable galleries of images.

Images of everything! You name it! There are images of every niche you can think of.

Contributing Photographers

Photographers all over the world supply the photos for these stock agencies. You can be a contributor!

For you, setting up a stock photography business begins with taking amazing photos of your “niche” and preparing them for agency approval. With a little foresight and creativity, your images will start selling quickly.

You can join a stock photo agency today as a contributor and upload the beginnings of your portfolio.

An Example Stock Photography Transaction

For example, a Youtuber may need an image for their next project. They search a stock agency gallery for a photo that suits their needs. Once they find a photo they like, they purchase the rights to use it in their project.

This is really important! They are not purchasing the image. Rather, they are paying for the rights to use the image.

When someone licenses your image, they pay your agency. Then your agency pays you a cut.

This process wont take long! You’ll start earning commissions from your best photos right away.

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