SEO For Stock Photographers


SEO for stock photographers begins with metadata. Powerful descriptive content that can be read by search engines. METADATA is important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What’s most important is to take the time to add metadata. It will help search engines categorize your photo. Because the more relevant info you can you add the better.

You may have the perfect photo for someone’s project, but if they can’t find it, it will go unseen and unlicensed.

Therefore, adding important tags like TITLES, DESCRIPTIONS & KEYWORDS is crucial. These are the big three. With this in mind, focus on them first!

SEO Is Important For Stock Photographers

Each photo agency has it’s own search engine. They will never give their full algorithm away. SEO for stock photographers begins with being authentic and transparent with tagging.

The goal for each site and search engine is to provide its customers with relevant images. Spamming is an easy way to lower your search rank and decrease your sales. They just wont show your images to people.

SEO for stock photographers begins with adding metadata.

Add SEO Metadata BEFORE You Upload

It’s important to add this metadata to your photo BEFORE the uploading process.

Since the metadata you add travels with your photo wherever you upload it, you only need to do this once. So add it before you upload or publish the image anywhere.

This is all a necessary part of SEO for stock photographers. Don’t go through this tagging process on every image for each agency. Tag your image once. Upload to as many sites as you can. Then move on to the next one.

SEO & Metadata Keyword Generators

Use a keyword generator. They will recommend relevant keywords and give you a list. You can use these keywords to write powerful titles and pack your descriptions with relevant, supercharged content.

Look through the list of keywords, and remove words that are not relevant to your image. What’s most important is to remove any spam content.

Keyword SEO for stock photographers is important to drive traffic and sales. Take some time to think about this.

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