Shooting Stock Photos – Tips For Taking Amazing Images That Sell!

Shooting Stock Photos

Shooting stock photos is the first part of the assembly line. They are the raw material that makes the whole business go. Without them, there is no photo business!

The good news is that shooting stock photos is going to be the part of the business that you love. You’re probably great at it already!

The fun and easy part!

Get To Know Your Camera

It’s important to know that your camera is not going to fail you when you need it most. Get to know the little quirks about your camera. That way, these quirks don’t spook you in the middle of a shoot.

So don’t make the mistake of shooting stock photos using new or untested gear when it matters. Know the capabilities and limits of every piece of equipment you bring to the job.

The only way to truly know the capabilities of your gear is to practice with it. Practice, practice, practice!

Take Bright & Well Exposed Images When Shooting Stock Photos

Stock agencies and customers love bright photos. Period.

In general, when shooting stock photos, choose bright themes and well lit photo sets. Dark, moody photos usually get passed in the world of stock photography.

Choosing darker themes can be tough for photographers that are just starting out.

Have A Clear Main Subject

Your image needs a subject or focal point. Something or someone that captures the attention of the viewer.

If you don’t immediately recognize the subject in your shot, your customers wont either! Try again.

Furthermore, if your subject is blurry or out of focus. Try again!

Get Close & Fill the frame

Leave no doubt. While shooting stock photos, the subject should take up as much of the frame as possible. Obviously, your composition matters here. But in general, follow this simple rule by famous Magnum photographer Robert Capa:

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”

You spent good money for your camera and all of those pixels it gives you. Be sure to use them! Don’t crop them all off in post production.

Watch John’s YouTube Vid On Shooting Images For Stock: