Recommended Sites And Software For Stock Photographers

This is a list of some recommended stock photography software that will make things a whole lot easier for you.

Every time I discovered one of these sites, my workflow improved tremendously.

Just when I thought I was working as efficient and as fast as I could, I learned about one of these sites!

Join Adobe Stock

You’re probably familiar with Photoshop, Lightroom and some other Adobe products. What you may not know is that Adobe is a player in the stock photography world.

The good news for you is that Adobe Photoshop will feature YOUR IMAGES in the stock photo search box. Designers and advertisers working on their project have quick access to the Adobe stock catalog. You need to have your images ready for them.

Adobe stock will make you feel great because they offer a little bit higher commissions than some of the competition.

Join Shutterstock

Shutterstock still has a huge user base. The subscription pack they offer is affordable and they are good about getting people to use up their monthly credits. Meaning a higher number of sales on your end!

Recently, Shutterstock changed their payout structure. They offer less of a commission on most images. However, I still include them in my list of recommended stock photography software.

Shutterstock is going to make you feel great because you’re going to license some images right away. Not the highest commissions in industry, but a good way to start.

So with Shutterstock, you’re going to license twice as many photos as you will on Adobe. However, they will pay you about half as much! In the end it’s a wash. But buy joining these two agencies first, you will get a good feel for the business.

Editing Software For Stock Photographers – Adobe’s Photo Plan

For editing and tagging, I recommend Adobe’s Photographer Software Plan. It is a no-brainier for editing your stock photography!

For a ten dollar per month subscription you get both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom! If stock photography isn’t for you, just cancel anytime. Really not a risk at all!

You can use Photoshop and Lightroom for editing your images and tagging them for search engine optimization.

FileZilla Software For FTP Uploading

I’ve been using FileZilla for 15 years and recommend the software for stock photographers. It’s the perfect solution to get going with FTP. It’s never given me any trouble at all. Best news? It’s open source. It’s free!

You’ll be given a password to access a server. On the left side of Filezila is your local drive, and on the right is your agency server. Just drag and drop to copy files from one to the other.

Filezilla will work with every agency you contribute to. You can upload to all of your agencies from one place!

MyKeyworder For Stock Photography Keyword Help

MYKEYWORDER software for stock photographers is game changing software!

Type in the subject of your photo and press enter. Like “Coffee Mug”. MyKeyworder will spit out the most relevant keywords relating to your search.

You also be given the option to convert the list to hashtags. Use this on Instagram and social media!

It’s 100% free! It includes a plugin to interface with Adobe editing software!

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