Stock Photography – What You Need To Start

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Anyone who is thinking about starting a stock image business will ask the question:

“What exactly do I need to start out as a stock photographer?”


If you are a photographer with a simple camera system and some images, you can start today!

You Need To Love Photography

First of all, if you’re a creative person who loves photography, you are on the right track. No mater what gear you’re shooting with.

Professional stock photographers shoot, edit and submit a ton of images! Photography is our job. A job we love!

So, before you start, you absolutely need to ask yourself if you love photography.

If the answer is yes, lets dive in!

Begin With The Camera On Your Shelf

The camera that you already own is going to be just fine. It will get you started. You can take stock photo images today using your camera.

Maybe down the line you can improve your workflow with a new camera or a new lens. But for now, you’re set!

Make improvements to your gear later on. After you have some experience and know for sure it will save time and add value to your business.

Start With Images You Already Have

Most stock photographers can start by submitting images they’ve already taken!

You’ll need to sort through your hard drive, and find ten or twenty photos to start with. You may have more than that!

This will give you a chance to learn about how to submit photos, and the process of getting them ready for a photo agency.


Start Today! No kidding. Start now!