Submitting Stock Photos

Submitting stock photos is the final step before your agency takes over the approval process.

Think of this step as “crossing all of your T’s”. Remember in school when you reminded to put your name on your homework? This last step is kind of like that.

You didn’t come all this way to have images rejected out of forgetfulness or laziness.

It’s important to realize that your job is not done quite yet! Your stock images are uploaded. However, there are a few house cleaning items before submitting stock photos.

Add Categories Before Submitting Stock Photos

Each Agency is a little different. They all have the same basic categories. Since these general categories are not included as metadata, you need to add them to your image.

It’s pretty simple. Before submitting stock photos, add a category like “Parks & Outdoors” to your photograph of a bench. Or “Sports” to your photo of a golf club.

Just like any other website or search engine, your agency needs to make sense of all the stock photo submissions. Adding a specific category helps organize things.

Choose A License Type For Your Stock Photos

Before submitting stock photos, you need to choose one of the three stock image license types.

One of the three license types (royalty free, rights managed or editorial) needs to be specified.

This lets the agency know what type content you have, who can use it and how they can use it.

Before Submitting – Add A Release

This is the point where you add your model or property releases.

Before you submit stock photo, attach a model release for people that are included in your shot. Attach a property release for trademarked or copyrighted “things” that are in your shot.

Last Step! Submit Your Images

You Press The Submit Button!

Be sure to press the submit button. Your photos can linger here in “photo purgatory” forever if you don’t hit submit.

I have forgotten to press the submit button on large batches of images. You can’t sell images that you never submit.

Watch John’s Youtube Video On Submitting Images To Stock Agencies: