Tips For Stock Photographers – Instantly Improve Your Business

Tips & Tricks For Stock Photographers

These are my tips for stock photographers.

Things that I wish I was told earlier about the business. A few seem obvious and easy, but executing them takes practice and discipline.

Tips that will instantly improve a stock photographers workflow!

Income Streams Start With Access

The first tip for stock photographers is to gain access wherever you can. A stock photography business starts with having a reason to be somewhere. Getting ACCESS to a place or an event.

For instance, taking photos at a wedding rehearsal dinner will grant you access. Shooting photos that night with more than one income stream in mind is crucial for a successful photo business! Shoot for your client AND for your stock portfolio.

Make sure one portion of your business feeds another. Having multiple plates spinning will give momentum to everything else you do!

Don’t Move Backwards

Another tip for stock photographers is to think of your image workflow like an assembly line. Don’t stop the line!

Backtracking will force you to spend more time on the tasks you might enjoy the least. Sometimes you wont even realize you’re backtracking!

Just like when we read. What slows us down is letting our eyes jump back to things we’ve already read. In the end it takes longer to read the book! It’s the same in photography!

Stock Photography Tip – Upload Consistently

Instead of uploading a large batch of photos all at once, upload in smaller batches. Spread them out. This is an important tip for stock photographers.

Search results like showing new images from contributors. Be sure to have new images! On top of this, your older portfolio photos will get more attention too! New images carry links your older ones. In the end, all of your images will get more impressions and more clicks.

Batch uploading also helps when you have two similar photos. Like a black and white version and a color version. Submit them in two different batches. Don’t give the agency a reason to only accept one. They could claim they are duplicate or similar. Spread them over different batches!

Find A Niche

For stock photographers, an important tip is to find a market that converts in a niche that you love to shoot!

Everyone needs to enjoy the process. You may find a market that converts in a niche YOU HATE SHOOTING. Lets say it’s gardening photos. Can you spend years taking photos of gardens if you hate gardens?

Find a niche you love to shoot and the photography part will never seem like work!

Always Be Shooting

Develop great ABS. Always Be Shooting! The good news about stock photography is that now you have an excuse to take photos wherever you go. You need to have a camera on you at all times.

You never quite know when you’re going to have access to a possible stock photo. Always be on the lookout for an opportunity!

Everywhere you go can be a business trip if you want it to be. If you have a camera, you have no excuse to be bored!