Uploading Stock Photographs

Uploading Stock Photographs

Uploading stock photographs is a crucial step in a photographer’s workflow. If handled incorrectly, it can be a PAINFULLY slow process!

Uploading – Getting the image from your hard drive to your agency’s server.

Let’s talk about how to get this right! There are three ways to upload you stock photography images…

Agency Uploading Page

All agencies offer some sort method for uploading stock photographs. These pages are a lot like adding a photo to Facebook or Instagram.

You choose a photo from your computer, press upload. It’s quick and easy.

However, this can become time consuming if you have more than just a handful of photos.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

An FTP client is a software program that allows you to drag and drop files from your local hard drive onto a server.

FTP saves a lot of time if you have a batch of stock photographs for uploading. All you need to do is drag and drop images onto the server. One hundred at a time if you want!

Your agency will give you an FTP login and password. You will be able to upload images, videos and releases in a snap!

Cloud Storage

Some agencies use cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive for uploading stock photographs. In my opinion, this is a great option. It allows you to keep all of files off of your local drive. If you want to.

The problem is most photo agencies do not offer cloud uploading yet.

Use FTP For Uploading Stock Photographs

Having your files on a local drive and using FTP for uploading is the way to go.


Try keeping your current work on a local drive. Once you’re done uploading, move your images to a permanent home on your backup drives or cloud.

The sooner you begin with FTP the better. If you stick with a photo business, you’re going use it eventually.

My advice is to get used it from the very start.

Watch John’s Video On Uploading, FTP and Stock Agency Servers: